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Dear Consultants,

If you want to know a FAST, simple, and guaranteed way to truly explode the number of leads and clients your company generates… at a MASSIVE scale.

Without spending a single cent more on traffic… or

Sacrificing work-life balance on in-person events… or

Waiting endlessly for referrals to roll in. 

Then this will be the most exciting message you’ll ever read.

Here why…

Did you know that cold email can generate an ROI of up to 4400%? 

That’s right - 4400%! That beats the heck out of most other marketing channels and can bring in some serious cash.

B2B Marketing Channel

And it's going to get better. A whole lot better.

But it's not all rainbows and sunshine...

Because what you're reading here holds the secret to exactly how you generate ready-to-close leads, turning them into clients who will happily pay for your services. 

So that these changes not only won’t affect you.

But you’ll actually welcome a new sales channel into your business!

So open your eyes, turn your phone off…  

Got it? Good…

So why on earth would you want to welcome a new sales channel into your business?

Well, firstly… contrary to other consulting businesses, which primarily rely on referrals, outbound cold email lead generation is a whole new level.  

The hardship of relying on just referrals.

Because most consulting businesses seeking referrals rely on what I call “shotgun referrals.”

They cast a wide net, hoping some referrals will come their way.

It’s like throwing a handful of darts at a dartboard, hoping at least one hits the bullseye.

However, this approach can be a double-edged sword… 

Getting referrals can help your consulting business, but it's not the best way to grow it.

Relying solely on word-of-mouth or random connections can lead to business growth inconsistency.

You might find that referrals are pouring in during specific periods, while during others, it's as dry as a desert. 

This up-and-down pattern can make it hard to flow clients and revenue constantly.

With that…

We’ve crafted a new and unique “sales system” that’s truly one-of-a-kind, and it’s about getting you ready-to-close profitable leads.

We’re working with consulting businesses to apply this “sales system.”

In other words, our “system” for bringing in interested and ready-to-close leads is…


If you're searching for a straightforward, no-nonsense way to double, triple, or even quadruple your number of clients, you've come to the right place!

You've just stumbled upon a goldmine of valuable information on the internet. 

But let's face it, if you're like most consultancy businesses, you've probably given a shot to every possible method to grow your leads and client base.

Some may have worked but most likely fell flat. 

And by now, you might have encountered some not-so-honest marketing people who promised the world but barely delivered a map.

You know the type – those who couldn't sell a life jacket to a drowning fish. 

It's enough to get anyone frustrated just thinking about it.

So, instead of investing our time and resources in convincing you that we're different… 

For a limited time, we're putting our own money on the line to SHOW YOU that we're different…

But hold on, I'll spill the beans on that in just a moment.

For now, let's discuss how to...


Let me ask you a question.

What’s stopping you from TRIPLING your consulting client base TODAY?

You want to grow your consulting business, right?

You want more monthly recurring clients, yes?

Then why don’t you just go for other marketing methods or, worse still, in-person events to get all the leads and clients? 

My guess is that all the extra campaign work would leave you suffering.

With extra marketing terms and jargon.

More specifically, your…

1. Cost per click

2. Cost per phone inquiry

3. Cost per lead

4. Cost to acquire a customer

Would skyrocket!

And your bank account would be left with minimal cash flow to run your business.

The truth is… 

A lack of clients isn’t the main thing holding you back from reaching your goals.

You know, those big dreams you set at the beginning of the year?

The things that will allow you to…

Support your family

Live debt-free

Enjoy your days 


Work-life balance

Don’t think it’s possible? 

Well, that’s just your doubt creeping in.

Look, I know you’re skeptical.

I don’t blame you.. and I don’t expect you to take our word for it. 

Instead, let’s look at the problem or decision from the opposite point of view…


Look, getting readily qualified leads and turning them into high-paying monthly recurring clients is THE most valuable skill a consulting business can possess. 

Period. End of story.

But I know you’re probably sick and tired of dealing with all the problems - clients come and go, lots of competition, hard to show your worth, few referrals, targeting the wrong audience, not-so-good prospects showing up, online and offline generating leads confusion.

Because you're complicating the whole process which makes it more difficult and frustrating.

But if you break them down, there are only five reasons why your prospects don’t close the deal with you.

Let me break them down and show you how to fix them.

So, the first reason is…

Reason One


This one's the golden ticket. 

If your prospects can't see the unique value you bring, you might as well be invisible. 

You need to spell it out crystal clear: how your consulting services are the answer to their problems. 

Don't beat around the bush – show them the treasure, and they'll follow the map.

Imagine you're trying to sell ice to Eskimos. 

You show up with a truckload of ice, but they're not interested because they've got plenty of their own. 

That’s what happens when your offer doesn't excite your target market, and they'd rather doze off than buy from you!

Here's the deal... 

If your offer isn't irresistible and doesn't make your potential clients jump up and say, "I need this NOW," your business is just another AVERAGE JOE.

Let me break it down for you in simple words…

Hidden Offer, No Discovery:

Your offer is like a treasure map.

If it’s hidden in a drawer, no one will find it.

You must put it on display so everyone can see the gold. 

No Clues, No Action:

Your potential clients shouldn’t have to play detective to figure out what you’re offering. 

You need to spell it out and make it crystal clear so they know why they should choose you.

Clarity Equals Conversions:

If your offer isn’t as clear as day, you’re leaving money on the table.

It’s like having a secret recipe but not sharing it with anyone.

People want to know what makes you special.

So, here's the thing...

Your offer must be so darn good that potential clients can't resist it. 

It should be like candy to a kid or a treasure map to a pirate.

In the digital world, your offer should be as exciting as a rollercoaster ride and make your target market jump for joy.

Reason Two


Why waste your time on the wrong clients? 

You're better than that. 

Refine your targeting game. 

Know your ideal client inside and out. 

And when it comes to leads, quality over quantity, always. 

Go after the ones who genuinely need your expertise, not just tire-kickers.

Imagine you're out fishing, and instead of using the right bait, you throw in everything but the kitchen sink. 

Your net is so wide that you're catching everything but the fish you want! 

That's what happens when your targeting and lead quality are all over the place.

Here's the deal… 

Your time and effort are precious. 

You should focus on the clients dying for what you've got. 

But if you're going after the wrong ones, it's like throwing your money in the trash.

Let me break it down further…

Wrong People, Wrong Direction:

Your targeting strategy might be as broad as the Grand Canyon, but if you're not going after your ideal clients with a laser focus, you'll end up with many uninterested prospects. 

It's like inviting everyone to your party, but nobody's having a good time.

Quality Over Quantity:

Sure, you can have a long list of leads, but what good are they if they're not interested in what you're offering? 

It's like having a packed stadium, but no one's cheering for your team.

Wasting Resources:

Spreading your efforts too thin means you're wasting time, money, and energy on prospects who would never convert. 

That's like trying to water the entire desert with a garden hose – it's just not effective.

So, what's the solution? 

The first step is to lock onto your ideal clients and focus like a laser beam. 

Your targeting should be so precise that you're only attracting prospects who are interested and ready to take action.

In the digital world, precision is your secret weapon. 

Target like a hawk and you'll be reeling in the big fish – the high-quality leads ready to become your paying clients. 

Reason Three

YOUR MESSAGES ARE DROWNING IN THE SEA OF SILENCE of your client's inbox - unseen & unheard!

It's all about the follow-through. 

Inconsistent or half-hearted follow-up is like opening the door to the competition. 

Stay in touch, feed them valuable info, and build that trust like you're building a skyscraper. 

It's like being in a race, leading the pack. 

But suddenly, you decide to take a nap by the roadside. 

The competition speeds past you, and you're left wondering what went wrong. 

That's what happens when your follow-up and communication fall short.

Here's the deal. 

Consistency is the key. 

You can't start the race and then take a long break. 

You need to maintain the momentum, just like a freight train.

Let's simplify it:

Lost Opportunities, Lost Business:

Think of it like having a garden but forgetting to water it. 

Your beautiful flowers wither, and your garden turns into a sad place. 

Similarly, if you don't follow up and communicate consistently, you miss out on opportunities, and your business suffers.

Building Trust Like a Skyscraper:

Building trust is like stacking blocks to create a tall skyscraper. 

You can't stop halfway and expect the building to stand tall. 

You need to keep adding those blocks, one by one, to reach the sky.

Be There When They're Ready:

It's like having a ticket to an amazing concert but not showing up. 

You miss out on the music, the fun, and the memories. 

You must be there when your potential clients are ready to roll, or you miss out on the show.

So, what's the solution?

It's all about staying in the race.

You need to maintain that momentum, be consistent, and build trust like you're constructing a skyscraper.

Reason Four


When your sales process is all messed up, it's like going to a fancy restaurant where the menu is written in a language you've never seen before. 

You're sitting there, scratching your head, feeling confused, frustrated, and missing out on delicious opportunities. 

Lost Opportunities, Lost Business:

Imagine you're at a cool surf shop and want to buy a brand-new surfboard. 

But instead of showing you the shiny surfboards and telling you their prices, the salesperson takes you to a big, dark, and twisty maze. 

You don't know where to go, what to do, or how much anything costs.

It's like a giant puzzle, and nobody likes puzzles when they're trying to buy something.

So, you're just standing there, getting more and more confused. 

You might even start feeling like you're in a spooky haunted house – that's how weird it is. 

Don’t Leave Them In The Dark:

You want to buy a surfboard but can't figure out how. That's a real pain in the neck, right?

And let me tell you, when your clients or potential buyers feel this way, it's not good for your business. 

They get frustrated, maybe even angry, and in the end, they might just give up and walk away. 

That's a whole lot of missed chances for you to make money and for them to get what they want.

Simply For Success:

You want your sales process to be like a surfboard – smooth, clear, and easy to ride. 

No confusion, no puzzles, just a straightforward path to getting what you want. 

So, if your sales process is more like a crazy maze, it's time to simplify it. 

Make it as easy as pie so your clients can sail smoothly to the checkout, and you can catch those waves of success.

Reason Five


It's like being in a big crowd, and you want to stand out. 

But you're dressed like everyone else, and no one can see you. 

That's what happens when you're lost in a sea of consultants.

Here's the deal. 

You need to be the shining star, the one with the secret sauce that makes you different from the rest. 

If you don't stand out, you're just another fish in the sea.

Let's keep it simple:

Lost in the Crowd, Lost Opportunities:

Imagine you're at a big party, and everyone's talking at once. 

If you can't make your voice heard or show how you're special, you're just another face in the crowd. 

You'll miss out on all the fun.

Be the Great White Shark:

You want to be the Great White Shark in a vast ocean, not just a regular fish. 

What sets you apart? 

You need to show them your unique mojo and prove that you're the heavyweight champ in your arena.

Don't Just Blend In:

It's like being in a forest; you want to be the tallest tree. 

But if you're the same height as the rest, no one will notice you. 

You need to stand out!

So, what's the solution? 

You need to stand out like a neon sign in the night. 

What's your secret sauce? How are you different from the pack? 

Don't just tell them – show them. 

Prove that you're the Godzilla of your niche. 

Okay, enough of everything. Listen, let me level with you for a moment…

Reliably and consistently converting ice-cold leads and complete strangers into high-paying clients… is never a result of…

'magic DUST' sprinkled on desperate 'crossed fingers' with a pinch of 'HOPE AND PRAY LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW'

No… It’s about having a reliable and proven “system” for converting ice-cold leads and complete strangers into high-paying clients.

And our “lead generation system” includes a chest of proven strategies and tactics that most agencies don’t know even exist.

For example…

We know how to identify and reach out to specific individuals and businesses that will increase interested leads by up to 300%! (Think about that. How would you like to increase your leads by 3X while reducing your cost per lead by 1530% by attending in-person events!?)

We know how to identify overlooked and uncover huge new “starving prospects” in NEW markets - those golden opportunities that other consulting businesses miss (ones that are practically begging for attention.)

We’ve discovered how to write personalized emails that use psychological triggers that capture your prospect’s attention, practically forcing them to click and take action!

We’ve discovered the secret “automation” strategy for outbound outreach that siphons off more hot qualified leads for LESS money spent.

We can tell you the biggest mistake made by consulting businesses using the wrong lead-generation marketing channels! (This mistake cost consulting businesses a small fortune in lost profits and market share)

We know how to turn ice-cold leads into red-hot prospects with a series of follow-up sequences - that skyrocket engagement and conversion (It's like having a sales ninja that never sleeps, working round the clock to keep your pipeline overflowing with promising leads.)

Okay, that’s it! Enough for now! Let’s get something straight right now!…


we'll get you 10 qualified sales meetings in the first 60 days or you won't pay us a single cent!

Yes, you read that right…

With this no-risk offer, we've just opened our doors to new clients…

And if you're seeing this – it means we've still got a few slots up for grabs.

For the year 2024, we're providing consulting businesses with FREE 30-minute strategy consultations.

On the call, we’ll show you what it takes to generate many highly qualified ice-cold leads and scale your consulting client base to the moon.

But let's be clear…

This isn't your run-of-the-mill "strategy session" (cough, sales pitch) with some clueless person…

Who knows nothing about how to generate ready-to-close prospects for consulting businesses?


Nor is it a high-pressure sales pitch disguised as a strategy session.

You can learn more about what's in store for the call right here.

But fair warning, slots are almost gone and filling up very fast.

So hurry and grab your spot right here.


Here's the golden ticket to almost getting free cash handed to you.

Because what all this means is if we fail (unlikely) to bring you sales meetings, you won’t owe us a single cent.

That’s right, we’re the only agency confident enough to guarantee results, or we don’t get paid.

So, we both have skin in the game.

Think about it, you pay…

No lead list building fees!

No automation tool fees!

No copywriting fees!

No A/B testing fees!

No campaign management fees!

In fact, you only have to pay us a minuscule amount of a one-time set-up fee for starting and setting up your Google accounts.


If, during the first 30 days, you do not like how we work, we will refund you the full set-up fees.

And guess what? If we get you one highly qualified, ready-to-close prospect (highly likely), you’ve already gained up to 20X extra ROI.

Because every dollar you pay will come from the EXTRA prospects, you wouldn’t have closed unless we installed our system into your business!

Why are we making such an offer?

Well, It’s simple…

We practice what we preach and create offers so good that no one can refuse!

This is a crucial ingredient to sky-high your client base.

Now, you’re still here with me - reading this, so what to do next…

Click the link below and book a 30-minute strategy session to see if we’d be a good fit.


What is Lead Generation?

Put simply, Lead Generation is the process of attracting and converting interested potential clients (leads) into inquiries.

Here’s how it works… the process typically involves reaching out to potential clients with no prior interactions with your business. This involves sending unsolicited emails to a precisely targeted audience with the goal of initiating a conversation and generating interest in your services.

What is the difference between inbound and outbound lead generation?

Inbound lead generation is like a magnet. It pulls people in by creating valuable content and experiences that naturally attract them to your business. Think of it as clients finding you when they're ready.

Outbound lead generation is more like a proactive search. It's when you reach out to potential clients directly, often through cold calls or emails. You're taking the initiative to find and connect with them.

In short, inbound is about being found by clients, and outbound is finding and reaching out to clients.

How can I tell if I need a Lead Generation Agency?

Are you flooding your business with a sea of inquiries and booked sales meetings? No? Then, you need to partner with a Lead Generation agency.

What are the main benefits of using a Lead Generation Agency?
  • Increased consistent lead flow.

  • It scales quickly, while you can’t.

  • Lead generation that brings you business cash flow.

  • Increased conversions

  • Reduced Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

  • Decreased Cost Per Lead (CPL)

  • Lower Cost Per Click (CPC)

  • Data generation and valuable insights through user tracking

  • Increased brand awareness

  • And, most importantly, Enhanced Return On Investment (ROI)

  • What is your lead generation process?

    "Alright, let me break it down for you. First, you're diving deep into research to pinpoint those golden prospects that matter most for your business.

    Then, it's all about crafting emails that speak directly to your prospects' needs and pain points. You're not just hitting 'send'; you're aiming to build an authentic connection and offer genuine value.

    Efficiency is key. You're not doing this manually; you're leveraging automation tools to scale up outreach. Plus, you're not guessing what works - you're A/B testing like there's no tomorrow, tweaking elements for maximum prospect engagement.

    Now, onto the follow-up game. You're not letting those leads slip away. And yes, you've got our eyes glued to the campaign analytics. Real-time monitoring is the name of the game because your business doesn't have time for delays.

    But here's where the magic happens - continuous optimization. You're not just running a campaign; you're fine-tuning it based on what the analytics tell you. It's all about hitting the bullseye with the correct targets and refining the message until you're driving nothing but top-tier prospects straight to your business doorstep. 

    That's the plan!

    How do you qualify for leads?

    Define your dream customer. Who are they? What industry do they dominate? Think about company size, the key decision-makers, their roles, and where they're located. This is the foundation of your outreach strategy.

    Now, what keeps your ideal customer up at night? Identify the pain points and the challenges they face. Your product or service should be the solution to their nightmares. That's your angle.

    Time to scout. Use online tools to build a list of potential leads. But don't just throw a net mindlessly. Ensure these contacts match the criteria of your dream customer. Precision is the game.

    Not all leads are the same. Divide them into segments based on shared traits or behaviors. It's about customization. Tailor your content to hit each segment's sweet spot - their unique needs and pain points.

    Do your homework before hitting 'send' on those cold emails. Research your prospects. Dive into their world - understand their business and their challenges. Your pitch should resonate with them, addressing their specific needs.

    Remember, it's not just about sending emails. It's about sending the right emails to the right people. Precision targeting, tailored messaging, and a deep understanding of your prospect's world are the keys to success in the outreach game.

    How many sales meetings can I expect monthly if I work with ConsultLeadX

    "Alright, let's cut to the chase. You're not here for fluff; you want numbers. Let me tell you, we're not about just throwing numbers around. We're about results. The exact number of qualified leads that can convert to sales meetings depends on a few factors.

    First off, we'll look at your industry. Some markets are hungry, and you could be looking at 50 to 100 high-quality leads per month. But if it's a bit more of a niche play, we might be talking a solid 20 to 30. Quality over quantity, always.

    Now, your offer plays a significant role. If it's irresistible, we could be booking meetings left and right. I'm talking 5 to 10 a week. But if it needs a bit of polishing, we might be looking at a steady 3 to 5.

    And let's not forget, we're not just about the initial surge. With our follow-up sequences and continuous optimization, we're playing the long game. So, you're not just getting meetings; you're getting a steady flow that builds up over time.

    Bottom line? It's like asking how many goals you'll score in a soccer game. We'll work on the plays the strategy, and trust me, we're playing to win. But hey, if you need a ballpark figure, 15 to 25 solid meetings a month. Don't hold me to that – we might just exceed expectations."

    Should my business use Lead Generation?

    Absolutely, no question about it. 

    Lead generation isn't just a strategy; it's a game-changer. If you're serious about growing your business, you've got to tap into the power of targeted leads. 

    It's not about casting a wide net; it's about precision targeting and connecting with the right people who actually want what you're offering. 

    Lead generation with ConsultLeadX isn't just a service; it's your ticket to a steady stream of high-quality prospects ready to engage with your business. 

    Don't just keep up; get ahead. Lead generation? Trust me, it's your secret weapon for success.

    Why is Lead Generation important?

    Listen up – lead generation is the heartbeat of your business. 

    It's not just important; it's make-or-break. 

    Why? Simple. It's the engine that drives growth. 

    You're not waiting for customers to stumble upon you; you're out there, grabbing their attention and turning them into your interested prospects. It's about being proactive, not reactive. 

    In a noisy world, lead generation is your megaphone, ensuring your message gets heard by the people who need it. It's not a luxury; it's a necessity for any business serious about making waves in the market. 

    Get on board, or get left behind.

    What does a Lead Generation Agency do?

    Here's the lowdown. A Lead Generation Agency like ours is your growth partner. 

    We're not just playing with numbers; we're in the business of delivering real, high-quality leads. 

    From pinpointing your dream customers to crafting killer messages and using cutting-edge tools, we're the architects of your success.

    You don't stop at just getting attention; we convert that attention into leads that actually matter. 

    It's not a guessing game; it's a strategy – a strategy that turns heads and turns prospects into paying customers. 

    That's what a Lead Generation Agency does, and that's why you need one.

    Can I integrate your lead generation services with our existing CRM system?

    Absolutely. You're not here to shake things up but to make your life easier. 

    Our lead generation services are built to integrate with your existing CRM system seamlessly. 

    No fuss, no headaches – just a smooth flow of high-quality leads straight into your pipeline. 

    Consider it a power boost for your business without the hassle.

    What kind of guarantees do you offer?

    "Here's the deal - we're not in the business of empty promises. We're about results. 

    Now, check this out: if, in the first 30 days, you're not comfortable with how we roll, we'll hand you back the full set-up fees, no questions asked. That's our guarantee. 

    We stand by our game and put our money where our mouth is. You're not just a client; you're a partner, and we're here to deliver, or you get your setup fees back. 

    Simple as that.

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